Just wanted to say hello and let
you know that Brady is doing
great.  She is a wonderful,
cuddly, active friend and I
couldn't be happier with having
her.  I am so glad we found you
and will definitely want another
one someday so I will keep
watching your site.  I would love
to bring her by some day for you
to see how she has grown too!  I
think she is the perfect cuddly
size, she has bonded with our
two other dogs and cat too.  Just
love her!  Thanks again.  
King Arthur now has an everyday
nickname "Gus".  survived those first
few days of exuberance from Gwen
-curious and jealous.  They are now
inseparable including a share of my
husbands lap in the evening in front of
the TV. He's a beauty, has had his
booster vaccines, eating like a" king",
stretching out, a little bark now and
then, we couldn't be happier with him!  
Am hoping your next litter is as lovely
as this last, we appreciate your care and
love of doxy's.....Thanks - our best,
The first 24 hours !  What a
delight Shadow is.  She has only
had one accident in the house so
far.  She steals her big sisters
toys and drags them to her own
bed.  How funny to watch.  Misty
doesn't know what to make of it.  
My grandkids have renamed her
Scooter.  She spent the night in
her crate and after a few minutes
settled down.  She was dry this
morning and ready to go out for
a walk and go potty.  I think she'll
be house broken in no time.  I'm
so glad I found her and as you
said it was ment to be.  She has
stolen my heart.  Kathy
Piccolina has already taken over our
hearts. She is an absolutely gorgeous
little girl and she has a wonderful
disposition. She's extremely friendly,
loves to be held and very freely gives
lots of kisses. We have two kitties at
home and the three of them are almost
inseparable, not to mention the fact that
they completely take over the bed, but
that's as it should be.
Arlen & Fred
Cambridge, MA
She (Phoebe) is the best Anne,
she goes to the door when she
has to go out and she has the
best coat! She loves everyone and
she isn't stubborn at all. She
listens on the first command. You
breed wonderful dogs!
Rosie at a well pet visit this week. She is
doing great, weighed in at 9 pounds.
Our vet described your post natal puppy
care as 'gold standard'. She was very
impressed with your documents, notes,
care and schedule of vaccinations, etc.
VERY! Isn't she gorgeous? She's such a
love too.
~ Thomas C.