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A dachshund is the only thing
To truly put you in your place
For dachshunds know that you are theirs
And that's a fact you have to face
You know that you belong to them
And with joy that thought you bare
For nothing warms your heart the same
As a dachshund's warm and loving stare
There is nothing that you compromise
When they take up most the bed
For we both know, if they weren't there
You'd feel sad emptiness instead
Dachshunds are a special breed
So low down to the ground
But they make up for their lack of height
With twice the length and twice the sound
There is a dachshund for everyone
With hair short, scruffy, or long
And they come in sooo many colors
With a dachshund you just can't go wrong
If you've been lost along the way
Perhaps you feel you're in a fog?
Well I'll do some summing up for you...
If it's not a dachshund, IT'S JUST A DOG!!!

-Amanda Bowden